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03-Jul-2017 13:50

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Yemen, that country most of us can only vaguely place on a map, is coming apart.

Its two-year civil war has left more than 10,000 civilians dead and sparked a cholera outbreak, with 1 in 45 Yemenis expected to contract the disease this year.

The targeted killing of Christians in countries overtaken by Muslim jihadists no longer surprises observers, but in Yemen—a country currently estimated to be 99 percent Muslim and ruled by Sharia law—it’s a surprisingly recent phenomenon. “What people on the outside don’t realize is that the church in Yemen existed prior to the war, but it was not explicitly targeted and did not face persecution from ISIS or other Islamic militants until the vacuum of power created in 2015,” said John Smith, the head of an organization in the Middle East that has worked closely with Yemeni Christians.

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At the Great Mosque in Sanaa, the capital, laborers in the 1970s stumbled upon what turned out to be some of the oldest existing codices of the Quran, dating back to the seventh and eighth centuries.Last year, more than 117,000 refugees and migrants arrived in Yemen.