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27-Dec-2017 03:41

‘But, still, it’s understandable that mothers and fathers will want to do what they can to keep their children safe.

In fact, some mothers are able to track their families without even doing this, because if a family uses the same icloud address, which is common, they can simply use the app that helps you track the family’s devices — and the person who is carrying them.

L' Active X s'installe automatiquement lorsque vous entrez pour la première fois dans le salon, mais il se peut qu'Internet Explorer bloque son téléchargement (comme pour les popups).

Pour autoriser l'installation des contrôles Active X, cliquez sur la barre jaune en haut de la fenêtre du salon, ou en bas de page (voir exemples ci dessous).

Brianna isn’t the only teenager who is willing to let her parents keep constant tabs on her.

Indeed, many teenagers agree to being tracked in return for later curfews and more freedom — albeit under survelliance.

She was at work, and he had been at home with the nanny but sneaked out for a game of football.

While Glynne feels confident that Laura will never find him doing anything more incriminating than having a cheeky pint, the same may not be true of more suspicious spouses who use the technology to check the whereabouts of their other halves.‘But I’ll text her and say: “Put it back on.

Fair enough you want a bit of time on your own, but at least let us know where you are”,’ says Laura.

When you tap on the name of a person you are following, a circle, bearing their initials, pops up on a map on your screen, pinpointing their location.

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If you’re struggling to picture it, it’s exactly like the Marauder’s Map from Harry Potter, which showed the movements of everyone at Hogwarts.

She can do it with the touch of a finger, via a mobile phone app which tracks their every movement and shows where they are on a map.

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