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White as Giordano’s partner, and Paul Schneider as working class yet likable local cop.

I Hate: THE PLOT: After SJP comes home to the liberal judgy family, hijinks do, indeed, ensue — eventually leading to some partner switching, some match-making, and lots of true love.

It’s by turns bitter and blackly hilarious, and no one wants to think those things describe Christmas. But “liking” something, and reveling in the comfort and joy that washes over me for 120 minutes before I return to the beloved catastrophe of my own family Christmases, is a very different thing than claiming a Christmas movie as “good.” I love the haze of just too much cheap champagne; that doesn’t mean I recognize it, or would tell anyone else, that it’s good.

Which leaves us with a genre of Christmas television events that are ideologically and narratively similar, with slight variations according to narrative mode (comedy, melodrama). Which is precisely why Bobby Finger’s taxonomy of Love, Actually is so helpful.

If your eyes are still dry, let me describe the scene that breaks me every time.

There are cuts to each member of the Stone family, along with SJP and Claire Danes, as they all accept a harsh reality (as well as a lot of other feels) I will not spoil for you in an attempt to peak your curiosity and hopefully make you want to watch it even more, while “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” a la Judy Garland in plays.

I promise you I couldn’t make any of this up if I tried.

Dear Television, HERE’S THE THING no one wants to admit about televised Christmas movies: they’re all horrible.

SJP essentially plays the anti-Carrie Bradshaw, and her boyfriend, Dermot Mulroney is, of course, from a close-knit and quirky family of seven. When you add one of the most uncomfortable (and actually really well-written) dinner scenes, complete with a beautiful moment between Diane Keaton and her son (played by the amazing Tyrone Giordano) showing how unconditional the love between a mother and child can be, it becomes something more.Finally, there are three solid (and somewhat unconventional, somewhat cheesy) love arcs to capture the complexities of falling in and out of love, allowing you to deviate (a bit) from the traditional holiday family drama romantic comedy formula.Not to mention, SJP dances with Paul Schneider (aka Mr. In this writer’s humble opinion though, it definitely understated. And if Christmas is an ideological construct, then Christmas movies are its handmaidens.

In each Christmas movie, “Christmas,” as a nourishing, essential event, is threatened in the first act, nearly lost in the second, and regained, in newly valuable, even more cherished form, in the third.

” Quoted this way, Finger’s points might seem a bit flip, but his tone, exclamation marks, and use of capslock perfectly reflects the affective experience of watching a Christmas movie, which is basically a long series of squeals, sighs, and your mom saying “that’s just great” while everyone else thinks it.

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