Pinoy sex dating site

10-Nov-2017 07:02

Freebies may be observed from Pacific time to Pinoy time zones.

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They are mostly Pinays living in the United States (Pinays = Filipino word for Filipina women).

I walk over to the shower and slide back the curtain.” Lady’s first.” She walks over to me and steps in the shower. “Sorry I don’t have any like real shampoo I have like 2 in 1 and stuff” “It’s fine” she says playing with her hair. She starts squeezing my hands indicating that I can play with her boobs.

“You could say that.” “Well your dreams are coming true” “A ha ha ha,” I laugh sarcastically. I step to the side and motion Kaitie slides past me my dick almost hitting her stomach. Kaitie must have seen me starting at her because she takes my hands and puts them on her breast.

“That lucky lady will be taking a shower with him and I expect to hear moaning” everyone laughs but me. I walk over to the bathroom door and Paul puts his hands on my shoulders and whispers in my ear “have fun” smiles and pushes me and Kaitie in to the bathroom. She turns around and removes her hands to let her bra drop and let me see her perfect chest.

“Ung fuck Kaitie this feels amazing” She starts going faster.

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