Nikki lund dating

29-Jul-2017 01:07

At some point Richie said to me, '' That sounds like a clothing line" and it just went from there.And that's also what we're calling our musical collaboration right now too.In the age of multi-hyphenates, Nikki Lund is defining her brand in the worlds of fashion and music.While finishing up her solo album, Lund launched the clothing line Nikki Rich alongside her business partner, Bon Jovi lead guitarist Richie Sambora in 2010.ATR: So this is more than just a clothing collaboration?NL: We decided to do music together -- it's kind of like the Eurythmics a little bit – and [Friday] night at the show the public will get to hear it for the first time. NL: The clothes are sophisticated and strong, sexy woman -- for the .

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In 2005, Lund launched the loungewear line Eccentric Symphony.

MORE: Richie Sambora sings National Anthem"I love him and he's an amazing person and we have a really good business," Lund told

"We have a great friendship, with that comes sexual chemistry that you can't deny."Lund added that Sambora is "amazing in bed."The two are collaborators on the Nikki Rich clothing line, a pursuit Sambora dedicated himself to when he left Bon Jovi in April 2013 in the middle of the "Because We Can" tour.

Following a natural progression, Lund joined up with Sambora for Nikki Rich.

The line’s mix of bold colors, exotic fabrics, and meticulous detailing is universally flattering and appealing to women from a multitude of age groups.Admitting to a physical relationship with Richie Sambora is apparently the right way for fashion designer Nikki Lund.

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