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“Instead we would have iron lungs in seven colors with i Phone apps.” On what consolidation of hospitals is doing to the price of care In the beginning, this was a good idea: Hospitals came together to share efficiencies.You didn’t need every hospital ordering bed sheets.And that's despite the fact that the Enquirer's editor and reporters said there was a photographer at the scene.Since the Enquirer’s production deadline is Monday evening, the Edwards stakeout story missed it by several hours, according to Perel, who mentioned at the time that photos would “most likely” appear in the next print issue.On Friday, when word finally came out of Edwards’ mouth via ABC's interview, the floodgates opened and cable news pundits who had kept their own mouths shut for weeks began to breathlessly expound on the fallout, with the discussion continuing on the Sunday chat shows.

On July 22, a few hours after the story broke, I interviewed Enquirer Editor David Perel and Alan Butterfield, a reporter on the scene, to learn more about the hotel stakeout and long-running investigation.

The following day I spoke with Alexander Hitchen, another Enquirer reporter who was at the Hilton, and expected to turn around a media-related story.