Mahattan divorced men dating 40s

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The most prominent member of the series' Ensemble Cast, Draper starts Season 1 as the head of Creative at Sterling Cooper, rises to junior partner, and flees the company to start Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce when Sterling Cooper is sold to Mc Cann Erickson. And honestly, its absolutely ridiculous to be two years into your career and counting your ideas! And you should be thanking me every morning when you wake up, along with Jesus for giving you another day!

He has a secret past - he was born as Richard "Dick" Whitman, and assumed his commanding officer's identity when he was killed in action in the Korean War. Starting as Don Draper's wide-eyed new secretary at the beginning of Season 1, she ends up senior copywriter at SCDP.

At first seemingly a friend of Roger's — they're certainly rather similar — he proves to be too much for everyone.

Paul Adams, 42, runs an entertainment business and is forced to live in a house with other divorced dads as he still pays his ex-wife's mortgage, meaning he can't afford his own place.

Worked for Don, which for awhile led to some jokes. Betty takes primary custody after the divorce, which causes Sally to resent her even more.

Then after Don was (temporarily) on leave, she worked for Lou and became Office Manager after Joan left for Accounts Betty Francis: I wanted a fresh start, OK? The wife of the real Don Draper, who lives in California.

That means he misses out on spending time with his daughter Devon (stock image)Situations like Paul’s are now so common that flat-sharing website Spare has 100,000 customers in their late 40s - a threefold increase in six years - and almost 40,000 over 55, both male and female.‘I felt such a failure as a father,’ says Paul who runs an entertainment business. Before the divorce I used to walk Devon to school every day and be around for bath time and bedtime.

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Much of his obnoxious behavior is tolerated because he's quite good at his job. So far seems to be doing just fine in the world of SCDP. Betty: Jesus, Henry, just once could you take my side? Since this, the main focus for her has been what an awful ex-wife and mother she is. Very intelligent and precocious, she seems to take after her father.

Don stops seeing her when he comes to believe that she's in love with one of them.

The boisterous and possibly insane member of the family that owns North American Tobacco, which owns Sterling Cooper's most lucrative account, Lucky Strike.

and somehow manages to end up even more of a schlemiel and a milquetoast (despite his good work).

Senior partner in Sterling Cooper and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, known for his fondness for Japonica, the Republican Party, Ayn Rand, and other eccentricities. Introduced in Season 3, when the British firm Putnam, Powell, & Lowe buys out Sterling Cooper.Betty develops a rapport with him due to their mutual loneliness.

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