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12-Sep-2017 17:34

To some people this is minuet compared to cancers (which I haven't been tested for yet).

But my mental health issues alone destroyed most of my life as a teenager and a young adult. I know where there is hope for these men (ny son may be one of them).

Sometimes stories raise more questions than answers, leaving uncertainty above all else.

One example - my recent story on former Marines who now have male breast cancer, and worry their very rare illness was caused by time spent at Camp Lejeune.

Are they perhaps putting out the stop signs on this in the event the truth be exposed?

Testing each and every Marine is the Corps responsibility. Why wait for scientists when Marines are getting cancer now and dying now!

Mainly through baby formula mixed with the contaminated water. I would like to make contact with one of those marines to discuss this with him. My brother was stationed at Camp Lejeune in 1970 and was in Viet Nam as well. I was a Department of Veterans Affairs Decision Review Officer from 1997 to 2005.

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BUT---- I went to Mayo here in Scottsdale for the surgery and treatment.Wonder if there is any relationship of mutant genes to the other men from Le Juene who had cancer. Hi – I have been watching the Marine water contamination with great interest.My son was a Marine at the base during the years that are in question.As I recall he had a very debilitating neurological disease.

I did extensive research on his case and obtained medical opinion that his disability was as likely as not caused by the contaminated water.But scientists and researchers now cannot seem to figure out whether there is a conclusive link between illnesses and the contamination.